Stockton Springs Church

Over the Summer I created a website for Stockton Springs Community Church. We just published it today! You can check it out by clicking here: – I’m really happy with the results and it’s an excellent example of my work. I’m glad to have the opportunity to help them restore their steeple and promote their community spiritual offerings. If you haven’t already, please check out my company website, – there are extensive examples of my web design, graphic design, and editorial photography.

This semester is off to a great start. I haven’t missed a single class yet, despite the everyday 8am classes. I’m currently working on a website for the university lab I work in, studying plant genetics. I’m also working another job campus with GLBT services, something I’ve been part of since I first came here. I can’t believe I’ll be getting my BS in Biology in only 8 months! I still haven’t decided if I’m moving to Florida, California, or out of the US, but I’ve got time. Hope you all had a great Summer!

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