Selling MacBook/iPod Touch

Yesterday I went to the AppleStore and bought a new MacBook. Because I am a student at UMaine, I got a free iPod Touch (3G) and free wireless printer! Therefore I have decided to sell my previous MacBook and iPod Touch (1G). They are both in excellent working condition and I had the MacBook refurbished by Apple so it’s almost like new! The MacBook includes several accessories, such as the remote, audio/video output cables, and Snow Leopard. You can view and bid on the eBay listings below. Free shipping!

Apple MacBook 13.3″ w/Accessories and Extras & Snow Leopard

Apple iPod Touch (1G) 8GB with sync cable and headphones

One Response to “Selling MacBook/iPod Touch”

  1. Sunny says:

    Just wanted to thank anyone who bid on my MacBook! It sold for $550, a lot more than I expected. I sold my iPod to my little cousin. Loving the new MacBook I got at Apple – my status as a college student allowed me to get a free iPod Touch and free wireless printer! I <3 Apple.