Saved by the Calvary

Last night my friends and I went out to eat, but when we came back out, we found my car tire was blown (I had thought I was low on steering fluid). I have never changed a tire on my own before, but my roommate had, so she told me what to do and helped me jack it up. I think we would have managed without help, but nonetheless, 2 men in a pickup truck asked us if we needed help and they gave us some pointers about making sure the spare was on correctly, and keeping the bolts lightly screwed on while jacking the car so that, in case of a fall, my car wouldn’t crash on its frame.

After we got the spare securely on, one of the men asked us if we went to church and that if we’re interested, we should come to the Calvary Chapel in Bangor. We thanked them and they continued on their way.

I really respect individuals like these men and I believe that if more Christians behaved in such a manner and kept in mind the importance of good witness, more young people would be involved in church. I know all to well the often condemning and outright hateful messages preached by fundamentalists, and I don’t think those messages serve to enlighten anyone. In fact, I’m sure it turns a lot of people off and results in a lifelong disgust or fear of religion.

If you are Christian, I hope you choose to conduct yourself based on the teachings of true Christian charity, kindness, and “loving thy neighbor as thyself.” No matter what our beliefs, these men set a good example for all of us, and I know I will do the same someday if someone needs a tire changed, etc. After all the hate and ignorance I heard during the marriage equality campaign, this was a refreshing reminder of what true Christians represent.

2 Responses to “Saved by the Calvary”

  1. Nadeah says:

    Yaay! 3 cheers and Praises to God. Amen.
    Adam, you kick butt. You’ve been doing some awesome stuff. Way to be. I hope someday we get to have coffee or crepes again… 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Thank-you Nadeah! Long time no see! Hope you are doing well. I definitely want to get back to City of Lights sometime soon, hehe. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years! I’ve got about a year left until I get my bio degree. I’ve got my sights set on FL or CA, but Europe’s science is superior and I’d have no problem leaving the US.