Robots & Circuitry

We offer free WiFi for our members at the gym, so my dad asked if I could make a clear WiFi sign. So one sheet of plexiglass, 64 white LEDs, and about 8 hours of soldering later, I had a nice sign to post in the gym. I'd never wired anything this big before, but it was a good experience, albeit tedious at times.
Cybug Scarab Robot. This is a kit from JCM InVentures - you do all the soldering and schematic reading. It's a great kit for beginners.
Cybug QueenAnt Robot. A good of its light-seeking (phototropic) abilities, even on a cloudy day. I tried pointing it in the opposite direction from the setting sun and it still turned around and headed toward the brightest source of light. This is an excellent kit for anyone interested in circuitry and robotics. Offered by JCM InVentures.
Rainbow LED Panel. This is just something I threw together during a camping trip when my little sister and I wanted something more than sparklers to light paint with. Took me forever to properly adjust the resistors for the pink LED, which originally appeared white. Below you can see photos of the resulting light painting.
Parallax BASIC Stamp Programming Kit. This is a macro shot of my stamp microcontroller. It's a really cool way to learn IC programming language. I have experience with HTML, CSS, javascript, and programming my TI-83, so this was the next step to full computer programming syntax. The possibilities are endless!
Technically I didn't build this or program it, but Tiger's i-Cybie is the next best thing if you can't afford a $3,000 Sony Aibo, lol.